Apple Issues WWAN Aircard Support Update (Updated)

Apple today issued an update the expanded its built-in support for WWAN/Aircard units. The update adds support for USB aircards, as well as newer ExpressCard models. Apple’s release notes detail the new cards supported:

Available on the Cingular network:
• Novatel Merlin XU870 ExpressCard (HSDPA)

Available on the Sprint network:
• Novatel Wireless Merlin EX720 Express Card (EVDO Rev. A)
• Novatel Wireless Ovation U720 USB Modem (USB Adapter, EVDO Rev. A)

Available on the Verizon network:
• Novatel XV620 ExpressCard (EVDO Rev. 0)
• Novatel V740 ExpressCard (EVDO Rev. A)
• Novatel Wireless Ovation U720 (USB Adapter, EVDO Rev. A)

The update can be installed by running Apple Software Update from the Apple menu. It requires an Intel-based Macintosh. Despite the fact that PowerPC-based systems could also take advantage of the USB WWAN cards on Sprint or Verizon, Apple has not made clear if a PowerPC variant of the update will be released.

WWAN Support Update 1.0

Update: Apple declined to respond to as to if a PowerPC version of the update would be released. Apple’s previous position on updating Mac OS X Tiger was that feature sets would be maintained equally (thus, there should be U720 support for PowerPC-based Macs). However, until such an update is released, this does appear to be a direct contradiction of that policy.