Apple Chimes in on Sprint iSync Woes for Motorola Phones

Apple today confirmed what most Mac users with new Motorola phones on Sprint have been finding: iSync doesn’t work. Apple states that this problem is due to firmware differences in these phones, making iSync unable to initially recognize them.

Worse, Apple notes that the latest version of iSync, 2.4, released after the launch of Sprint Motorola phones, doesn’t address these issues. Apple stresses that this issue only affects the Sprint Motorola K1m, V3m, and L7c (and erroneously mentions a Sprint V3c, which was never released).

By acknowledging the issue, Apple is more likely to address it in a future iSync update. However, with Mac OS X currently at 10.4.9, it may take considerable pressure to offer such an update to Tiger users. Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard is the next slated version of the Mac OS, and is the only version confirmed to get the next iSync update. Essentially, Apple may force Sprint Motorola owners to upgrade to Leopard to get the fix.

iSync 2.4: Some Sprint-based Motorola phones may not be recognized