Amp’d Mobile to Shut Down After July 23rd (Updated)

Amp’d Mobile has just announced that they will likely halt operations at midnight on July 24th. The carrier has been unable to secure necessary bankruptcy financing, and has decided that unless they can by the 24th, that they will pull the plug on the company.

Adding to the shutdown woes, Amp’d has stated that customer service will also shut down after July 23rd. Meaning, you must complete number port requests to another carrier before then. Adding to the problem, users report being unable to reach Amp’d customer service already. Amp’d has said however that they are currently waiving early termination fees. The company has already halted content sales.

Furthermore, even the company’s Shutdown FAQ provides misleading information. For example, it states that you can use an Amp’d Mobile phone on another carrier “so long as the carrier is CDMA”. In reality though, Sprint refuses to activate any non-Sprint device, and Verizon Wireless will not be able to provide most data services on the devices. Regional carriers will have similar problems due to Amp’d Mobile’s customized firmware.

Update: Amp’d has updated their Bankruptcy FAQ to state that service will not be discontinued until “potentially July 31st”. The FAQ still notes that customer service will be closed after the 23rd.