Amp’d Mobile, Meet Prexar Mobile

Amp’d Mobile has announced that they will go offline tonight. But, service won’t end for the drying-up customer base of the failed MVNO. Instead, Prexar Mobile, a new MVNO has acquired “key assets” from Amp’d Mobile, and will take control of the existing user base. Customers will be able to keep their existing phones, though it appears that data services will not continue to function (Amp’d Live, PTT, etc).

Prexar Mobile appears to be a much more basic MVNO, very similar to PagePlus Cellular. However, unlike PagePlus, the company will not be offering traditional prepaid plans. Instead, the company appears to only be offering postpay month-to-month plans. The plans range from $39.95 for 450 minutes, to $179.95 for 3,000 minutes.

Prexar Mobile