Alltel Announces Pending EVDO Rev. A Upgrade

In a press release today, regional wireless carrier Alltel has announced its plans to further upgrade its network by deploying EVDO Rev. A access in 18 markets covering hundreds of cities including Charlotte, New Orleans, Phoenix and Tampa in the next six months, with the carrier launching the Huawei EC228 USB and UTStarcom UM 150 aircards for PCs.

Alltel and HTC have also released updates to the Touch and PPC6800 in order to access the faster speeds (600-1.4Mbps down with burst up to 3.1Mbps, 500-800 up with burst up to 1.8 Mbps) provided by the upgrade as well as committing to further EVDO expansion across its network with the goal to increase its native EVDO coverage from 76 percent of its network to 82 percent by the end of the year.

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One response to “Alltel Announces Pending EVDO Rev. A Upgrade”

  1. tommy

    82% network is evdo, and yet verizon has to buy them out. alltel is by far one of the better carriers out there.