Alcatel-Lucent Announces DVB-SH Trial with Dish Network

In a press release today, Alcatel-Lucent has announced that it will conduct a closed trial of DVB-SH broadcasts along with satelite television provider Dish Network later this summer.

The trial will consist of test tools, training, and compatible equipment all in an effort to determine the commercial viability of such services in the US, with the test being done in a closed facility in Atlanta.

DVB-SH is an evolution of the European DVB-H standard currently used in Europe to deliver mobile television.

The standard is intended to work in tandem with a geostationary satellite, such as the one launched a few weeks ago for Dish Network to deliver such services, as well as the privider’s recent acquisition of spectrum in the 700Mhz (UHF) band specifically to test this platform, which led to people questioning their motives in the media. In contrast to MediaFLO which is a closed proprietary standard developed by Qualcomm, DVB-SH is designed around open standards and meant to be implemented in more device types than solely dedicated handsets.

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