Alcatel Announces U.S. Phones, 15 This Year

Alcatel, in partnership with their subsidiary Cellatel, today formally announced that they will be entering the United States phone market. With AT&T as their primary launch carrier, the phone maker plans to offer 15 phones by year’s end.

While photos were few, the company was more than willing to give model numbers: OT-E101A, OT-E201A, OT-E221A, OT-
C550A, OT-C717A, OT-C820A, OT-E207A, OT-E225A, OT-C560A, OT-
E801A, OT-C701A, OT-E230A, OT-E227A, OT-C630A, OT-C635A, OT-C707A, OT-E805A, OT-C825A and Elle No3 are all expected to launch in the United States later this year.