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PhoneNews.com is one of the oldest, most trusted names in the field of mobile and wireless news.

Publishing since 2003, PhoneNews.com adopted the name and brand in 2006. Now a part of Mobile Media Ventures, PhoneNews.com is committed to providing the latest news, reviews, and independent analysis that the wireless industry has come to expect.

Our primary focus is on consumers, but with the B2B insights that show what tomorrow’s consumers will crave in mobile technology.

In late 2011, PhoneNews.com announced a massive expansion that will continue through 2012. During this year, we’ll be transforming PhoneNews.com into a general technology news-and-analysis source. True to our name, PhoneNews.com will be unveiling a suite of apps aimed at making us one of the best names in news, on your phone.

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You can contact PhoneNews.com via our contact page.

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If you’re a member of the media, want information about our review process, or want to send us a review unit of your product, please visit our Press Room.