9/30: T608 Awareness Day – Sending Sprint A Message

I have officially had it with Sprint’s lack of information in regards to the T608. So I’m going to do something about it. On Tuesday, September 30, I want you to help me out in sending Sprint a message that we want to know when the T608 will be released.

I want you to call every call center, email everyone at Sprint I can dig up an email for, and call your local store. I’ll have the numbers, emails and how you can help up either on the 30th or shortly before.

And to everyone that says it’s wrong to flood Sprint like this, I say to them that WE are the customers, WE were told officially that this phone would be sold, and WE deserve a reasonable answer to the status of this phone.

And what do I ask? I ask that someone at Sprint that is INVOLVED with the launch of this phone contact me. I am sick and tired of dealing with robotic-like PR reps and clueless countless others.