Yahoo! Go For Mobile 2.0 to Officially Launch on Friday

Yahoo! has announced that their Yahoo Go For Mobile 2.0 application
suite will come out of beta status on Friday in the U.S., and introduce
new features such as GPS integration on certain devices for its Maps
functionality (such as the BlackBerry 8800), real-time traffic
conditions, viewing of hybrid and satelite maps, faster speeds, more
attachment support (Word, PDF, PowerPoint) in the email client, access
to custom email folders, and even better integration with the Address
Book such as dialing contacts directly, search for directions, and
specific entries.


The program will be available on more than 200 phones and devices when
it officially launches on Friday in the US as well as in 13 countries
in localized versions around the world, with the total count of
supported devices rising to 400 by the end of the year.

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