What Do You Want from the Phones Section?

We have about 90% of the code done to make the new Phones Section. We’re still working to make it totally dynamic, so that people can play 20 questions all day long with phones, as well as know more than they ever want to about any phone in particular.

This is an ambitious task by any means, no content management software out there is really suited for this. But, we’re not about being on-par, we want something that blows away the competition. Something that makes every other database, encyclopedia, info source, wiki, whatever… totally obsolete.

To do that, we want your feedback. What do you want from such a source of information on phones? What do you want to be able to do? We want your feedback, and we want it right away… in a couple of weeks, we’ll start the massive undertaking to create the most-complete information source for phones ever made.

We’re opening up the comments to any feedback, we’ll take it all in, and pass it around with everyone on the team. There’s about a half-dozen people working on the Knowledge Base right now, and I’d like to take a moment to thank everyone that is, as well as all the individual users and readers that have already made contributions… we’ll be rolling them all into our new Phones Section.