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25 responses to “Want Instinct Tomorrow? Print this, take it in store…”

  1. Dan H.

    Many stores have shipments showing up today.. Got mine already 🙂

  2. Dan

    Do you know if it was a Corp. store or 3rd party/indriect dealer?
    I called two Corp stores by me and they both said they will have them tommorow.

  3. Dan H.


  4. brian

    BestBuy Mobile Stores and Best Buy got a shipment of 10-15 in today with more on the way. It will be 129.99 NO MAIL IN REBATES! However they can’t sell them till friday,but with this flyer I don’t know

  5. MBC1965

    So much for feeling special. Thanks for posting this so that the customers that genuinely signed up to receive this email may not get an Instinct because of this PDF.

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  7. LD612

    From what I understand…this is offered to exsisting Sprint customers ONLY. You dont even really need the flyer because you can order it over the phone from Sprint BUT again you have to be an exsisting Sprint customer.

  8. You are correct

    You are correct. Existing customers get the first crack at it. Good job by Sprint to take care of their existing customers first!

  9. Matt

    I called Sprint last night after getting the email and they wouldn’t let me order it over the phone. I called again this morning and got the same response: “Guess you should go to the store.” Well done, outsourced sales dept…

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  12. Matt

    Just walked out of the Sprint store with my Instinct. They were definitely asking for the print out email because they only received 36 of them at my location. $240 w/ tax out the door + the $100 rebate to mail-in. It’s pretty sweet. Comes with a leather-ish case but doesn’t have a belt clip on it (I’m a geek and belt my phone). 2gb sd card included. extra battery. blah blah, you already know those details.

  13. Jeff

    I’m really not sure what to do. Two of the phones on my family plan don’t use anything but voice, but the Instinct requires all phones to have the same high-end features (data and messaging) even if the other lines won’t use it. This adds significantly to my monthly outlay. In addition, we will lose our free 3 mobile-2-home feature from all the lines. I cannot justify such an increase in monthly fees and decrease in features for this phone. 🙁

  14. Matt

    @Jeff: once you get past the first two lines for $129/mo you can add voice-only shared for $10 or voice/data shared for $20 (or so I’ve been told). I’m in a similar position as my wife only uses voice, so I had to abandon our shared voice plan to get this. Now I’ll probably just talk her into getting one too and go back to sharing a plan.

  15. Jeff

    @Matt: At the store today, they said that they could not do it the way you described. Can anyone confirm? I don’t have to have the phone today, so I may just wait until others can confirm.

  16. Mojo


    So I just called a buddy of mine who is a Store Manager at a Corporate Retail store, and they were really busy… but he did say that there is a raincheck offer that has something to do with a buy one get one free ticket. He also said it’s not as easy as just bringing the flyer in once their out of stock either… there are other stipulations, he thinks they check to see if your email address was on the nowisgood promotional email list.

    Mojo from The GEEK Reports

  17. Matt

    Son of a… Just installed all the software and the whole “phone as modem” idea has sw called “Connection Manager”, BUT if you try and install it you get a big “no way” message instead:

    @Jeff: what I described came directly from Sprint’s press release, so I’d believe them over “word on the street”:

    “For families, options will include … new Talk/Message/Data Share plans for $129.99 for 1500 minutes or $169.99 for 3000 minutes. Additional lines are $9.99 per line for Talk Share and Talk/Message Share plans and $19.99 for Talk/Message/Data Share plans.”

  18. Matt

    @Christopher: that’s great to know. I imagine it won’t be long before there’s a hack out there as well. I’m reading a few places that say the Everything Plan won’t allow a PAM addition, and then other places say it will. Guess I’ll have to put in a call to find out.

  19. Mojo

    So I went to a Sprint Exclusive Dealer friend of mine and had him order me an Instinct on my SERO Account. It allowed him to select one of the SERO plans (actually, it only showed two SERO plans, the Everything Plans, and the Talk/Message/Data share plans). The order went all the way through successfully… but I didn’t want the phone so I cancelled the order. But I’d thought I’d share that it allowed him to select a SERO plan and the Instinct phone without error.

    Mojo from The GEEK Reports

  20. Jim

    Sync does not work. Provided software is a joke! Mobile sync is not functioning with imports…is there any 3rd party sync software that will work with MS Contacts?

  21. RonaldVegan

    Chris, did you activate the Instinct on a 500 minute SERO plan? Is your Instinct a demo provided by Sprint? Otherwise I wonder if the Instinct is available as an upgrade for current SERO customers. On the SERO website, the Instinct can only be purchased with the $99.99 SE plan.