Verizon Launches RemoSync Microsoft Exchange Application on Select Phones

In a press release today, Verizon Wireless and solutions developer Remoba have announced the availability of the RemoSync email access application through the Get It Now service on select phones.

RemoSync allows standard BREW handsets to access corporate email networks that utilize Microsoft Exchange and offers complete access to features such as Direct Push, read, compose, reply, reply to all, edit, send, and delete mail, e-mail fowarding with attachments and viewing of attachment names, handling of meeting invitations with three options (accept, decline and undecided), phone book integration, global address list access, and e-mail alerts.

Contacts are handled via integration with Microsoft Outlook with sync support and the ability to download Outlook contacts to the phone, uploading phonebook contacts to Outlook, add, edit, sync, remove from phone, delete from Outlook features, and full search and access within Global address lists and Outlook.

Full Calendar access is also provided with View Calendar Events which includes daily, weekly and monthly views, adding, editing, and deleting events from the phone, date selection to view events, online and offline editing features, reminders, and the ability to schedule meetings and invite attendees via the phonebook, Outlook, and Global address lists.

The application does not require a data plan, but does require prior access to an Exchange service whether it be provided by a business or through Verizon’s Hosted Exchange service.

The application is available for $9.99 per month on top of applicable airtime and data charges on the LG VX9400, LG VX8700, LG Chocolate, LG V, LG enV(2), LG Venus, and LG Voyager; Samsung Gleam, Samsung FlipShot and Alias, and Motorola MOTORAZR maxx Ve, MOTORAZR(2) V9m, MOTORIZR Z6tv, and MOTO Z6c World Edition.

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