Verizon Launches MiFi 3G Router

ImageFollowing up on the launch of the HP Mini, Verizon has also launched the Novatel MiFi 2200.

The device features a Wi-Fi radio, EVDO Rev A. modem and allows for up to five simultaneous users with support for additional security through WPA2-PSK, WEP, SPI Firewall support and GPS.

A range of data plans are being offered from $40/month for 250MB monthly transfer with $0.10/MB overage, $60/month for 5GB monthly transfer and $0.05/MB overage, or the device can even be purchased outright with Day Passes available for $15/day which allow for 5GB of transfer with the aforementioned overage rate.

The device is available for $269.99 Month-to-Month, $219.99 after a 1 year agreement or $149.99 after a new 2 year agreement before an additional $50 instant discount, bringing the totals to $169.99 and $99.99 respectively.

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2 responses to “Verizon Launches MiFi 3G Router”

  1. SaltyDawg

    Does this thing work while it’s charging? Or do you have to charge it while not in use?

    Also, on a month to month, you pay $35 every time you activate it or only the first time? For example, if I buy one and activate it so I can use it while camping this weekend, but I don’t use it next month (on a month to month plan) would I have to again pay the activation fee if I want to use it again in 3 months?

    How would that activation fee work if I paid the per day rate instead of month to month? If I use it for 3 days this weekend, would I have to pay a $35 activation fee for every day? And what if I use it for 3 days this month on the $15 per day plan, but I don’t use it again for another 3 months? Would I get his with another activation fee in 3 months?

    On that note, I am not seeing anything about a $15 per day plan on Verizon’s website. The month to month is there, but I am only seeing the monthly access plans…

  2. Christopher Price

    Yes, it does work while charging. You can plug it into a wall outlet using a USB adapter. Same with a car and a DC-to-USB adapter.

    Also, when you connect it to a PC (directly, via USB), it functions as a Novatel Aircard, complete with GPS tracking services.

    When you pay per day, you only pay the activation fee once. Then it’s $15 each day the unit connects to the internet. There is no timeout period… it will stay activated forever. So, in your example, 3 months later you would not be charged an additional activation fee.

    The $15 per day rate is not advertised online. You can switch to it after receiving your unit by calling customer service.