Verizon Clarifies Old News, 5 GB Limit Stands

Many media outlets are reporting that Verizon Wireless has recently imposed a 5 GB limit on their “unlimited” EV-DO coverage. Frequent readers of already know this. However, Verizon has gone further in recent weeks, stripping the term “unlimited” from their BroadbandAccess advertising. Further, they also have injected the 5 GB limit terminology in and around their Terms of Service agreement.

This is not an actual change in position. Verizon has always stated that more than 5 GB of usage is considered abusive, and unlimited BroadbandAccess service only applies to non-abusive use of their network. Still, with Sprint and Alltel offering EV-DO without such limitations, even reaching out with data roaming, Verizon stands to fall farther down in their data ARPU position. This week, Verizon once again slipped behind Sprint for Q1 2007 data ARPU (average revenue per user).