Verizon Adds More Expensive Voice/Data Bundles for Smart Devices

Verizon has put up a more expensive set of plans that bundle data
access and voice service together for smart devices on their test page.

Starting with the Core Choice 450 for $79.99, the plans include handset
data with the 5GB limit and streaming restrictions (internet
browsing, email; and intranet access, access to corporate intranets,
email, customer relationship management, sales force, and field service
automation are only permitted.) in place.

The plans go up to $169.99 for the Max Choice 4000 and
the Extra Choice 1350 for $109.99. All include unlimited in
network calling and nights and weekends, as well as progressively
cheaper per minute overage rates. The Core Choice plan has a
$0.45/minute overage rate, $0.35/minute overage rate for the Extra
Choice 1350, and $0.25/per minute foi the Max Choice 4000.

Voice/Data Choice Bundle page (Verizon)