Two New Phones *Updated Again*

Update: Currently the 3588i is looking to be a Sprint Store (and online) & Best Buy exclusive, though that’s not dead certain right now.

Update: The 3588i will not be a Vision phone (it will be neutered just like the 3585i) but it will have FULL SMS! This is a huge step forward. Based on this new info, and the delay of the T608 to September, it looks like the T608 may be getting SMS as well (it had it originally, Sprint just had it removed because they didn’t have SMS).

According to some Sprint PCS employees, the upcoming Sprint PCS rebates reveals two new phones; the Nokia 3588i & Samsung A660.

From the small info on these two phones I’ve been able to put together, the Nokia 3588i appears to be a Sprint-branded 3586i (which has a Color screen, as well as the WAP browser, Java and Vision support that Sprint removed from the 3585i). The Samsung A660 appears to be a replacement to the aging and problematic Samsung A460, it appears to have Vision support (with color display), but no external display, and from initial pictures is slightly smaller than the A500.

I will try to get more information about both phones later tonight.