T608 Sale Imminent? *Updated 4 Times*

Update 4: The page is back online internally, though it is not viewable by the publically. The page essentially generates a masked 403 authenticaltion failed page.

Update 3: Let me be clear, the screenshot of the T608 page is not a fake. I just wouldn’t do something like that, and that was taken from my Mac.

The T608 product page was originally created based on the Hitachi G1000’s product page, thus the references to Pocket PC were not completely removed. However, the page did have new information lower down, and confirmed the T608 can be used as a wireless modem over Bluetooth.

Update 2: I did manage to take a screenshot of the page before it was pulled, you can view it here

Update: Sprint has pulled the page, but some of the images are still up.

Insert X-Files theme here…

Oh, how the naysayers are hanging their heads…