T608: D-Day *Updated*

Update: TeleSales is already suffering from the T608 order headache. Their systems have already crashed, and they are taking down paper orders. If this happens, ask them to not process your order until they call back. Wait however long you think is necessary, then call back. You can ask for overnight shipping, and you can get shipping fees waived. Don’t let anyone process your order without the promise of an order number by the time the call is done.

And finally, there are some bad reps out there that are telling people that they have to jump through all sorts of unnecessary hoops to get a T608. At this point the best thing to do is say it’s a gift for someone else. The only things that they need ever is the account name and account password.

Once again, good luck, updates will continue through the day.

The day has finally come. Thanks to everyone that has visited this site, and especially those that have sent their thanks, it has kept the site going more then anything else.

With the release of the T608, the original goal of this site has been completed (despite attacks from a few folks that decided to make up information – and the web sites that supported them), but don’t expect us to stop there. We’re determined to make this site even better, with more complete coverage of everything Sprint.

With that note, so begins the 24 hour wait for all who are ordering the T608 (and yes, that is a cheap rhyme). Let’s just hope Sprint ships it quickly, so no horror stories ensue…