T608 Awareness Day

T608 Awareness Day
September 30, 2003

I will begin this by saying that I emailed
several PR reps at Sprint begging for a response, and got none. It’s time
to ask Sprint (several times if possible) what it up with the launch of the
SonyEricsson T608. So what can you do? Follow the checklist:

  1. Give some of the fine Sprint Public Relations folks a call. You can
    reach Nancy Sherrer at 913-762-7032 and Jenny Stevens at 913-762-7071
  2. Give the lovely SonyEricsson U.S. Public Relations rep Nicky
    Csellak-Claeys at 919-472-7340 a call.
  3. Do what eCare says, call TeleSales at 888-253-1315 (Chose Option 3)
  4. Talk to the people that matter (yeah right), give Executive Services a
    call 866-519-5698
  5. Tell Retention you’ll leave if you don’t get a T608, 866-762-0468
  6. Call Customer Service at both 800-658-7564 and 877-822-7505
  7. Send a web info request via eCare.
  8. Email Nicky (SE PR Rep) at
  9. Email Sprint’s PR department (NOTE: If you send the same email to all
    these addresses they will bounce. If you are going to send the same
    email, send it with at least 10 minutes between each address).


  10. Just for laughs give your local Sprint Store(s) a call and see what they
    have to say on the T608. Store Locater.

Please post your results in the comments area of this article. Thanks!