T-Mobile Officially Launches HotSpot @Home

After a year of testing in Seattle, T-Mobile has launched their
much-anticipated HotSpot @Home service, being the first carrier to
debut Unlicensed Mobile Access services in the US. Unlicensed
Mobile Access is meant to provide coverage indoors where coverage
typically suffers due to problems with signal penetration and strength,
while still providing cellular coverage outdoors when Wi-Fi service is
not present or needed, with seamless handoffs between both types of

The service functions as a $10 or $20 add-on to existing individual or
family plans respectively and includes a Linksys router with custom
firmware and a $50 mail-in-rebate making the unit free, although it is
possible to use any router. The add-on also includes unlimited calling
from T-Mobile HotSpots or from the home Wi-Fi network, without using
included service plan minutes.  The two phones that are
compatible with the service are the Nokia 6086 (6133 with Wi-Fi support
added) and Samsung t409.

It is currently available at select retail stores and is awaiting
availability online.

HotSpot @Home (Flash required)

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