T-Mobile Indirect Retailers Pick Up Pharos PDAs

Brighthand reports that T-Mobile indirect (third-party) retailers have begun selling GPS-enabled PDA Phones from Pharos. Specifically, the Pharos 600 and 600e are now available to retailers to order and sell in their stores.

Selling exclusively via third-party indirects is not an uncommon practice in the mobile sector. It is commonly used to test new manufacturers out, in case devices are chronically problematic or otherwise unpopular. This does however mark the first time a Pharos device has been sold directly by a carrier.

Pharos 600 and 600e are identical devices hardware-wise, with the 600e lacking bundled GPS software, and included car kit. The device runs Windows Mobile 5, and includes both Wi-Fi (802.11g) and Bluetooth 2.0, as well as a built-in FM Radio. The Pharos 600 also bundles Ostia for GPS navigation and bread-crumbing.