T-Mobile Goes Free on GPRS

T-Mobile has decided to open the floodgates on GPRS connectivity for all customers. Unlimited access is now available on any T-Mobile voice plan, reguardless of price. While it is a little slower then having the GPRS $20 plan addon, or a dedicated data card plan, it is available.

Also, it only allows for transmission on select ports, so only web surfing, and any protocol that can be routed through port 80 as well (Update: Ports 110 & 25 are also open, so you can also send and receive email).

This is yet another setback for Sprint PCS, the company has yet to launch a phone that can compare with the connectivity options of any GSM provider, namely IR and Bluetooth handset functionality.

And I’m patiently watiting for the T608, or the T630 to be released. If T-Mobile can ship a T630 (or a Z600) before Sprint can ship a T608, they have my money for a year…