Sprintpcs.com & Safari

I’ve decided to confront this issue head-on, it’s getting ridiculous.

Sprintpcs.com’s recent overhaul has been nothing but trouble for Mac users. The new CSS overlay combined with new JavaScript have ground Apple’s Safari web browser to a halt, with many pages now taking minutes to load (that used to take mere seconds).

These changes were obviously designed and tested with one browser in mind: Internet Explorer for Windows. The Sprintpcs.com site begs to differ though, as it claims that older browsers will simply use an HTML generated implementation of the site’s interface. THe problem is that Safari can draw the enhanced pages, they just take forever to load.

I urge all Sprint customers to use the Contact Us button on the bottom of the Sprintpcs.com page and let Sprint know of their web site’s ineptness in regards to Safari. I also would like every Sprint employee that reads this site to send a message up the chain of command at Sprint that their web site is having trouble with Macs using Safari. And finally, Safari users should submit a bug report to Apple (in the Safari menu) after one of these offending pages takes forever to load (the main page doesn’t, so please send a report for one that does).

The site is slowest loading on the Online Account Access pages, so you may want to send a bug report off for any one of those after logging in. Sprint has improved the Product and Business sections load times, but they still take much longer then previous versions of Sprint’s site.

With any luck, Sprint’s web site will be adjusted to accommodate Mac users.

— Christopher Price