Sprint to Carry Motorola Z6m ROKR

PhoneNews.com can confirm Sprint intends to carry the Motorola Z6m ROKR. The latest iteration of the ROKR line, as we previously reported, is also the first RIZR-style CDMA phone with slider form-factor. Previous ROKR phones have been in bar form-factor, including the E1 and E2.

The Z6m ROKR improves on previous Motorola CDMA offerings by adding A2DP, something notably missing from the currently line of CDMA Motorola phones. It also upgrades USB support to USB 2.0, and offers a 2.0 megapixel camera. Finally, maintaining ROKR heritage, the phone features a 3.5mm headphone jack for traditional music headphones.

It is not known if Sprint has secured an exclusive on the Z6m ROKR, however the version shown last month at CTIA lacked Sprint branding. This indicates that the phone will likely not be exclusive to Sprint. However, it is notable that this is the first second-generation Motorola Sprint phones. The first revision of Motorola phones on Sprint (V3m, L7c, and K1m) were heavily modified internally to support Sprint and meet release timeframes. Sources are pointing to a mid-Q3 release for the Z3m ROKR.

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