Sprint Tests All-Unlimited Plans with Aircard Tie-in

Sprint is testing, in California’s Bay Area, new unlimited plans. For $119.99/month, Sprint is offering unlimited voice, roaming, and Power Vision service. This is similar to Sprint’s prior unlimited plan, Sprint Complete Sense (which required customers to switch landline services to Sprint as well).

It’s also one of the cheapest unlimited plans ever offered by a national carrier. AT&T Wireless offered during its GSM rollout unlimited calling, as a charter plan, for $99.99/month. Factoring in unlimited data (which AT&T did not offer on their plan), Sprint’s plan is similarly priced.

For $149.99/month, Sprint offers the same plan, but also gives customers a Sprint Mobile Broadband Card with unlimited data access as well. Sprint is testing the plan to see if customers will be enticed to pay for bundling unlimited phone service, with unlimited laptop service. Considering the aircard plan would cost $60 with any other Sprint plan, that brings the price of the handset service down to $90/month comparatively.