Sprint Testing Motorola V9m RAZR2, W385

PhoneNews.com can confirm that Sprint is preparing to release two new Motorola phones. While we previously reported that the RAZR2 will be a Verizon exclusive, the duration of that exclusivity may be minimized, and may have been removed completely.

The RAZR2 (left), and the W385 (right)

Sources in Sprint confirm that they are actively testing the Motorola V9m for rush approval, and that the RAZR2 will launch “as close to July as possible”. The new RAZR would be a big win for Sprint, the carrier was attacked widely for being the last national carrier to carry the original RAZR line.

In addition, Sprint is also testing the W385, which will likely replace the discontinued C290 as Motorola’s budget phone in Sprint’s lineup. Sources do confirm that the W385 will be Vision-enabled, and will compete with phones such as the Sanyo 3200. The W385 will not be headed to Boost however, as the C290 will remain in the lineup until Sprint deploys PowerSource phones on Boost Unlimited.