Sprint SMS Rate Hike Causes ETF Confusion (Updated)

As of October 1, Sprint raised pay-per-use text messaging rates to $.15 per message. Some see this as a material change to services provided, since unlike 411, a customer cannot use an alternative service.

As such, if it is a material change, customers can be released from their contract within 30 days. However, Sprint has not commented on as to if this is a material change of services provided.

CBS 13 in Sacramento claims they have found an answer. According to their reporting, the change is indeed material, and customers can cancel ETF-free within 30 days (providing they do not pay a bill after October 1, which would be an acceptance of the plan change).

cbs13.com – Sprint Rate Hike Means Penalty-Free Cancellation
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Update: PCS Intel has independently verified that Sprint will cancel accounts, and waive the Early Termination Fee for this. We successfully canceled a Sprint account ETF-free when contacting customer care.