Sprint No Longer Selling Pre via Telesales

Following up, as of today Sprint is no longer offering the Palm Pre for sale via Telesales, with representatives citing a desire to focus Pre inventory into sales channels that emphsize the carrier’s heavily-touted ReadyNow 1 on 1 after-sales training service.

The Palm Pre is touted as having an intuitive user interface, but primary setup is still considered more advanced than the usual Sprint device, which may have led to the move away from Telesales.

Other speculation also points to the high number of device returns, and the ever difficult process of returning a device via Telesales (a frequent customer complaint) due to Sprint policies.

Humberto Saabedra is the Editor-in-Chief of AnimeNews.bizPhoneNews.com and an occasional columnist for Ani.me. He can also be found musing on things at @AnimeNewsdotbiz