Sprint Lowers SMS Prices with Power Packs for Messaging

As of today Sprint customers with Power Pack Plans can add unlimited text messaging on an individual plan for only $10 per month. For those customers on Power Pack Family Plans the cost is only $20 per month, and covers all lines on the account.

“Text messaging continues to grow in popularity as a routine way to communicate,” said Scott Wiener, vice president of marketing for Sprint. “Our customers want more ways to stay connected without limits placed on their usage. With the ability to get not only unlimited text messaging but also more unlimited night and weekend voice calling than the competition, Sprint Power Pack Plans are the best value in wireless giving customers more unlimited ways to communicate with anyone on any network.”

“With Sprint Power Pack Plans, unlimited night and weekend minutes begin at 7 p.m. instead of the industry-standard 9 p.m., at no additional charge. For just $5, Sprint Power Pack subscribers have the power to begin their unlimited night and weekend minutes even earlier, at 6 p.m. This industry-exclusive option offers the equivalent of 1200 additional minutes of talk time per month for Sprint Power Pack customers. This benefit also is available on Sprint Power Pack Family Plans $69.99 and up, for $10 per month.”

For more information on Sprint Power Pack Plans visit Sprint.com
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