Sprint Deploys PRLs Automatically

Readers have reported that Sprint has begun deploying PRL updates over-the-air without any need to contact customer service. This currently is limited to only the latest devices. Most users reporting success are PPC-6700 owners, with some reader reports of the LG LX-550 Fusic also receiving PRL updates.

These PRL updates are sent automatically to the handset, without any need to call customer service or a special phone number. There is zero user interaction required in the process. Verizon Wireless users have also reported the same activity within the past month, however Verizon customers can call *228 at any time to receive a PRL update. In fact, Verizon encourages all customers and promotes the monthly use of *228 to ensure the best experience on their network. Sprint customers have felt embattled for years, spending upwards of a half-hour to ensure their roaming coverage is in-sync with each release.

This comes at a crucial time for Sprint. Sprint has begun to deploy data roaming nationally with Alltel, and will need an easy method to provide millions of customers with access to this new coverage. With IOTA/DOTA-based PRL updates, newer handsets will be able to be on-par with GSM phones, which have never needed user interaction to update roaming data on the handset.

This week also marked the release of two new PRL updates for phones, PRL 10035 and 20224 for 1xRTT and EV-DO phones, respectively. Both updates make minor corrections, including a major bug fix for the Treo 700p.

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