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13 responses to “Sprint Announces Samsung Instinct HD”

  1. Samsung Instinct HD available for $249.99 on Sprint | Cell Phone News and Mobile Phone Reviews

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  2. Joe

    terrible pricing…

  3. JJ

    yea I know. Same price as tp2. Who chooses instinct over an htc smartphone unless it costs less.

  4. Larry

    Wasn’t this rumored to be Android based?

  5. F1

    Back to Basics?

    Unless the Hero is a miracle pill, since I am done with the joke of WM OS for good, and the lack of any high end clamshell in the pipes, I will most likely return my smudge magnet Palm Pro, and use Sprint for Data only.

    Sprint just does not carry any attractive devices, excessive hardware prices, the push into the “Everything Plans”, and lastly don’t forget the rumors of another mismatch merger ala “Nextel style”, via Tmobile on the horizon, the perfect storm is perhaps taking shape.

    Most likely, I will have to switch to VZ, since AT&T does not seem to be reliable enough, despite my strong desire for the iPhone 3GS!

    Thank You

  6. Don Louie

    I agree with the price of the phone being way off but need to see any of you get a better deal per moth without going prepay

  7. rob

    ok so i always hear
    omg like why is sprint always “pushing ” us into the everything plans???
    its the wave of the future people nobody cares about min. anymore its data and text not to mention that the evrything plan also includes the gamechanging mobile to mobile ploy from sprint! fam of 4s are only using like 400 to 500 min a mo. its no longer mins people! the devices that sprint is coming out with reconize what people want and that is options not talk time, no overages make parents happier! where else could you get a blackberry curve that runs a 4g network and use it to its full potential and it onlycosting you $70 per mo.
    (+a discout depending on where you work?)
    come on people get with the times!

  8. rob

    oh yeah and $249.99 FOR A 5MP CAM THAT RECORDS 720P HD (ITS A STANDARD) go look at best buy

  9. wtf

    And what phones do/did verizon ever have that are worth anything? Omnia, nope, BB Touch heck no. Seriously, verizon has the worst phones out PLUS they bog it all down with their Verizon crappy programs.

  10. bottomline

    Does anyone really believe theres any realistic chance that DT would ever seriously consider buying Sprint ???? Please…………. It’ll never happen, it would be financial suicide ! Everyone sees how difficult its been for Sprint to merge 2 different technologies, but 3 ?? I, personally, think it would be a catastrophe, thats why you’re finally hearing how DT is talking to Clearwire(Sprint) and Metropcs about utilizing(for an investment of course) their future 4g networks. Now, that sounds alot more viable…….

  11. JJ

    It wouldn’t be easy to merge these 3 companies so it would be smart to at least work together and help each other out. At this point sprint looks like they are doing good by introducing all these awesome
    phones,introducing innovative plans and getting 4g up and running before anyone else. They are moving in the right direction. My whole family is on sprint and we don’t plan on leaving any time soon. I can’t wait for the hero. This name suits sprint because they needed a savior and this is going to help.

  12. Scooby Who

    GOOD ******* Rant@WTF….that did look painful what i typed back there LMAO.. REALLY Vrizon is nto being smart with sall their decision…see every company has a downfault…no one corporations is PERFECT..Verizon phones such period.years customers complain about things that dont get fixed and thats how you loose customers…Tmobile dosnt have the best coverage in the US…But they still manage to sell phones because of thier International Network..People Travel its 2009 I think spirnt decision are definetley gonna pay off…Sprint has 4g..Do you know what that means? They might finally get to the number one spot like they talked about trying to achieve that goal it would take 10 years….that was back in 2005…..its now 2009 and their 4G Network I am told by sources and i quote “currently the fastest connection speed in the United states and most countries..LOOK IT UP!!! If this is true….. and they manage to get all towers up for 50 states by the time Verizon gets the 3rd generation IPHONE …it will be a war WHOOO CANT WAIT!GOO SPRINT!!

  13. worker

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