Sierra AirCard OS X Driver Follow-Up *Updated*

Update: Streched Out Software now says that they have a working beta for the AirCard 550, so send them an email at the address below if you are interested in trying it out (be sure to attach a report from Apple’s System Profiler)

Aparrently the new Sierra Wireless AirCard 555 driver that was made for OS X that we reported on yesterday is not compatible with the Sprint 550. However, if you have a PowerBook and an AirCard 550, you may want to read the response I got from the developers:

“The AirCard 550 driver is on our list of things to do. Development schedules
for these products are been decided based on demand.

If the cards truly are the same internally, I suspect development should be
a snap!

Know anybody who happens to have an activated AirCard 550 and an Apple
Powerbook running OS X 10.2 or 10.3 who might be interested in helping us
beta test? If so, have them send an Apple System Profile of the machine they
are intending to use to Their Powerbooks
MUST have a built-in PC Card slot to be eligible for the program.”