Sanyo 6650, 7050 to Refresh Sanyo Mid-Range

Rumors of an EV-DO version of the Sanyo 6600 Katana, with the likely candidate being a placeholder of Sanyo 6700 circling. Sprint within the past month has dubbed the Katana II as Sprint’s marketing name. Now, can confirm that the Katana II will likely ship as the Sanyo 6650, with Katana II being used for the marketing name.

Both the Sanyo 6600 and 7000 will be replaced by the second quarter…

The Sanyo 6650 Katana II will not only build on the phone with EV-DO, but is reported to have a megapixel camera. This will bring the Katana into direct competition with Motorola’s RAZR family, which on the CDMA side has carried a megapixel camera and EV-DO since the original V3c.

The Sanyo 7050 is a more-modest revision to the existing low-to-mid range Sanyo 7000. The Sanyo 7050 will include an integrated GPS receiver, which is meant to attract to Nextel phone users. Unlike CDMA phones, Nextel iDEN phones have had standalone GPS until which are not as dependent on network and signal reception. The 7050 will also include a color external display.