ReadyLink Price Correction *Updated*

Update: I’m now being told the opposite, that it is available as a $5 addon provided Vision is on your account. Hey Sprint? Now would be a great time to get those PR reps off their collective posteriors for once and send me an email to clear this up for your most informed customers. I know you guys read my site daily, so quit the non-response…

Originally, this site reported that ReadyLink was an additional $5 if you already have Vision.

However, Sprint has set up the system so that it is $20 for both ReadyLink and Vision. So what does that mean? Basically if you are getting Vision for free, or have the older Unlimited Vision at $10 a month, then you have to pay the difference and get the ReadyLink & Vision addon which includes a Vision Pack.

The only bright side is that you don’t have to add ReadyLink to each line, though at this point it appears that you will still have to add Vision to each add-a-phone even with the ReadyLink & Vision addon.