Qualcomm is Successful With VoIP Over EVDO Rev A

This past wednesday Qualcomm was successful in their test of VOIP over CDMA EVDO Revision A. The test involved 62 simultaneous calls on one sector utilizing only a single 1.25 MHz channel. This represents a capacity gain of about 30x that of analog voice. VOIP over EVDO revision A uses Session Initiated Protocols (SIP), which is the same technology used for Sprint’s Ready Link service. Although Qualcomm’s VOIP solution uses many other advanced technologies to increase the sound quality of the call. With this test being successful Sprint’s road map to an all data network just took another step forward. With VOIP over CDMA EVDO Revision A being a large part of the transition to IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) it looks like CDMA network operators “dream network” is coming true.

Sprint and VZW have both mentioned the possible future transition to IMS networks. When that will happen depends on how many more of these hurdles are cleared. And how long it takes to clear them.

Qualcomm Press Release
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