Palm’s Treo 700p Update Fries Phones

Palm has once again had to apologize to Treo 700p owners. Not only did they delay the critical firmware update for the Treo 700p until after the unit was obsolete, now they have had to pull the update because it is frying handsets.

Specifically, those that have updated to version 1.10 report that some installations fail, resulting in the unit in an endless restart loop. This problem affects both the USB-based installation, as well as when installing over an SD card.

Palm does say however that they want to make things right with their customers. Users can call Palm at 866-750-7256, however, Palm did not guarantee out-of-warranty units would be replaced on their blog.

Since the update has only affected Sprint customers, users may find direct relief from Sprint as well. Some users have reported receiving Treo 755p units as warranty replacements for their paperweight-ed 700p units.

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