Palm Releases Daylight Savings Time Update

Palm has released a software update for all of their Treo and Palm
devices to conform with new Daylight Savings Time rules in the US,
Canada, and Mexico. Daylight Savings Time is now on the second Sunday in
March (11th) and runs through the first Sunday in November (4th).

The devices affected are:

Treo 700p
Treo 680, 650, 600
Treo 300, 270
Tungsten T5,T3, T2
Tungsten C, E2, E, W
Zire 72, 31, 21
TX, Z22

Windows Mobile:
Treo 750
Treo 700w
Treo 700wx

Both Palm and Windows Mobile versions of the update will have to be reinstalled in the event of a hard reset.

Update (Palm Support)