Page Plus Cellular Drops Its Rates, Teases Data

Page Plus Cellular this week launched new, low-cost prepaid rates. The Verizon Wireless MVNO has decided to undergo considerable re-branding and promotional generation this year, in an effort to raise awareness about the mature MVNO.

Page Plus Cellular for years has been popular for users who are more-informed than the average wireless user. Offering attractive airtime rollover rates, combined with very low-cost minutes, Page Plus also touts that they will activate any modern Verizon Wireless phone on their service.

This week Page Plus lowered their rates to new lows for the wireless industry. Page Plus is now offering 83 minutes of airtime for $10, making their lowest-tier start at just $.138/minute. Two midrange tiers are available, $25 for 300 minutes ($.083/minute) and $50 for 700 minutes ($.07/minute). At the high-end, an $80 airtime card offers 1400 minutes ($.057/minute)

Page Plus has re-designed their web site and offered a new trade-out promotion. They will send anyone a free LG VX4400 in exchange for a working phone from any other carrier. Also, Page Plus has plans to continue expansion. The carrier has also indicated that they plan to roll out wireless data in the future, bringing Verizon’s Mobile Web 2.0 and Get it Now services to Page Plus as well.

Page Plus Cellular

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