Nokia Files (Another) Response and Claim Against Qualcomm

The storm of litigation continues as Nokia has filed another response
and counterclaims against Qualcomm in in the state of Wisconsin
regarding its lawsuit filed on April 2nd of this year alleging patent
infringement regarding two key Qualcomm patents, asserting that the
patents in question are invalid.

Nokia also filed a countersuit alleging Qualcomm is infringing on six
key Nokia patents that are implemented in Qualcomm GSM/W-CDMA/CDMA2000
chipsets for multi-band/multi-mode
technologies, that allow
seamless and transparent roaming for consumers, and direct conversion
technologies that reduce handset and chipset size, cost and power
consumption, and has filed for an injunction alleging they
have copied the innovations in the six patents and made them available
to chipset customers without permission.

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