Nokia 7088 is Coming, But is ODM Sourced, in an attempt to get to the bottom of the Nokia 7088 mystery, has uncovered more specifics on the device.

Much of the confusion in regards to Nokia CDMA has been the fault of Nokia. Nokia announced that they would halt CDMA phone development in the company, instead re-branding devices from other companies. However, when Nokia’s dealings with Pantech were reported to have fallen through, the company gave conflicting statements as to the status of Nokia’s future on the CDMA platform.

The Nokia 7088 features a QWERTY keyboard and 1xRTT data…

That changed this week, when asked Nokia directly about the Nokia 7088, and its future. Nokia has confirmed to that all future Nokia CDMA handsets would be produced with ODM partners, confirming that the 7088 is indeed made using an ODM-sourced partner. Nokia would not confirm if Pantech, or another company were being sourced. The device is currently slated for Alltel as well as other carriers later this year.