Motorola Repair Web Site Broken (Updated)

Motorola’s repair web site won’t let users of the latest web browsers get their phones fixed…

If you have Firefox 2 and/or Internet Explorer 7, Motorola’s web site will not let you send in your phone for repair. The Hellomoto Service Request Form is broken on both browsers such that neither can send in a warranty claim. We verified this on multiple installations of both browsers. The web site errors out differently on each browser.

Feeling lucky? Firefox 2.0 users can have fun clicking the Go button… going nowhere…

On Firefox, the user cannot click the button to initiate a service request. On Internet Explorer 7, the user can initiate the form, but submitting the first page results in a blank page displayed.
The only workaround to this currently is to use Firefox 2.0, and manually paste in this URL and only then can you submit a phone for repair.

Motorola – Service My Phone

Update: Following our reporting, Motorola has repaired their web site.