Motorola Q9h Updated to Windows Mobile 6.1

Motorola has issued Windows Mobile 6.1 for the Motorola Q9h. The company did not note any other changes, and it appears from initial reports that the device is unchanged, aside from the operating system upgrade. The Q9h joins the Q9c in being updated. The original Q9m, however, has not been updated… despite being identical in hardware to the Q9c.

This update does also mark the first time that AT&T-branded phones from Motorola have been able to use the Motorola Software Update system. Many have speculated that AT&T has blocked Motorola from offering updates via the application, for their AT&T-branded phones.

Windows Mobile 6.1 makes several performance improvements, but most notably offers the Q9h a redesigned home screen. It will also pave the way for an improved version of Internet Explorer Mobile, expected later this year.

Motorola Software Update
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