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9 responses to “Motorola Q9 Napoleon First to Offer CDMA & Quad-band GSM”

  1. bobby callens

    when will motorola napaleon q9 be available

  2. Zena

    I would love to upgrade to this phone. When will it be released?

  3. Richard Stuart

    umm. acctually this is wrong. there is a phone that can do both gsm and CDMA already its on verizon. its the world phone.

  4. carlos

    i thought the first cdma/gsm phone was the blackberry World Edition??

    that is a nice phone though

  5. Richard Stuart

    Either way, wont the blackberry storm be coming out before it. So that makes the blackberry storm the first CDMA + Quadband GSM phone. And do you know when the Motorola Napoleon Q9 will be coming out? I really need to find out because if it isn’t coming out like this month, I am going to get the Motorola Q9c.

  6. kevin

    i love this phone but does anyone know what the price will be?

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  8. Taltaljan

    Wiil we be required to purchase an additional service plan through Verizon for this phone? I know that Verizon is making some of its PDA’s to require a data package but none of the previous Motorola Q’s have ever required it through Verizon.