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7 responses to “MetroPCS and Kodiak Networks Jointly Introduce Clientless PTT Service”

  1. Don Louie

    Looks like every carrier is getting in the ptt game, DOrA for Sprint and Vzw better step up. Kodiak works off network, doesn’t it?

  2. kbr88

    the kodiak PTT is actually not the first clientless push to talk application. Palringo ( has been offering a mobile IM client that includes IM chat, push to talk and picture messaging. simply download the palringo client onto your device (ANY network), tell your friends to sign up a well (again, on ANY network) and you can instantly share messages, pictures and chat to them anytime

  3. Christopher Price

    Yes, but it is the first carrier-endorsed PTT solution that is clientless. Anyone can make a “clientless” anything. Until it’s supported by a carrier, it’s not going to have a sustainable following.

  4. Don Louie

    Will the Kodiak solution be able to interact directly with the other ptt’s or is it making a backdoor thru the net?

  5. Christopher Price

    The MetroPCS bridge only works with other Kodiak-based providers. As noted in the article, that includes AT&T, US Cellular, and Alltel.

  6. Don Louie

    I read the link can be made with land lines