Media & Press Room

Have a question about something that just happened in the wireless world? Writing a report, but need an expert to chime in on how something actually will affect customers? Totally lost in a sea of confusing press releases?

The Staff are here to help. We’re available to answer your questions and provide comment on the breaking news of all-things-wireless. So, if you need a full interview, or just a quick breakdown of some breaking news item, get in touch with us.

The fastest way to get in contact with us is to use our standard Contact Us form. Just let us know your contact info, and your organization (or if you’re freelance), and we’ll get back in touch with you as soon as possible.


In general, to prevent a conflict of interest, we require manufacturers to submit review copies of devices in order for them to receive a published review. Our goal is to put everyone on an even playing field, and strips us of bias… ensuring that most devices submitted to are unpaid.

If you would like to review your latest and greatest wireless gear, get in touch with us.

Because of time constraints and other factors, we cannot guarantee any device will receive a published review. We do however strive to publish reviews for all products submitted.

We cover devices from cradle to grave. We cover unorthodox uses of devices. It’s much better for us to break a device, than thousands of others “trying something that’s never been done before”. Our work has saved companies millions in warranty claims. If you send us a device, please don’t expect to get it back.