Live Macworld Expo Keynote Coverage

Welcome to live coverage of the Macworld Expo 2007 Keynote. Please click Read More for a live feed.

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4:50 AM It’s cold outside… currently 46 degrees.

5:44 Apple has come out and re-arranged things. I am now at the very front of the line. First person actually…

6:08 Here’s a photo from the front of the line. The line wraps around Moscone West…

6:46 People are entering the keynote hall. We’re waiting outside in the media pool to be sent in. This is because the line is too long, and is about to wrap completely around the building.

8:16 Sorry for the delay folks, we’re about 15 minutes from being seated.

8:53 Thankfully, we’re finally seated and ready to go. Stay tuned… though the keynote is expected to be delayed slightly.

9:08 “Please turn off all cell phones and paging devices. Thank you, the keynote will begin in just a moment.”

9:12 The Apple Store online has been offlined. Apple Store S.F. will be waiting until 10 AM to open.

9:15 Steve has just taken the stage… “We’re going to make history today”

9:16 Intel debriefing. Extremely successful Intel transition.

9:17 Over half of all Mac sales in all retail channels are to new Mac owners.

9:18 New Mac vs PC ad, with Vista. PC is going to the hospital… have to watch later today.

9:19 iPod is now world’s most popular video player. iPod nano is now most popular MP3 player. 2 Billion songs sold on iTunes.

9:20 5 Million songs sold a day. iTunes sales increasing, not slowing. As to slowing data… “I don’t know where people got that data from”. Apple now outselling as #4 music retailer.
9:21 50 Million TV shows sold over iTunes. 1.3 Million movies sold on iTunes. Paramont signs with iTunes. New Keynote effects.

9:23 Zune. Zune has 2% market share before December (data not out yet). iPod at 62% and increased in December.

9:25 New iPod ads.

9:26 iTV is now Apple tv (using Apple logo). “I’ll probably call it iTV five times today by mistake”.

9:28 Same connectors as last time. Up to 720p HD video (no clapping). 40 GB HD. 802.11n (plus b + g). Confirmed draft n. Intel processor.

9:29 Syncs with one PC, streams to up to five PCs.

9:30 Main menu on Apple tv now resembles hi-tech theme from OS 9. Content accessed over internet (trailers, buy shows, etc). (Edit: Oops, hi-tech never actually came out, sorry)

9:35 Transitions even in music designed to prevent screen burn-in.

9:36 Can connect to another computer without losing your auto-sync. Just go to Sources on Apple tv and it shows all the available computers that can stream to the Apple tv unit. Content instantly loads including protected/DRM content.

9:39 Apple tv $299, shipping next month. Taking orders today.

9:40 “Day I’ve been looking forward to for 2.5 years… every once in awhile a revolutionary product comes along that changes everything. Apple’s been very fortunate to introduce a few of these.”

9:42 “Today, we’re introducing three revolutionary products.” Widescreen iPod with touch controls. Mobile phone. Breakthrough internet communications device.

9:43 iPhone. All three in one. Shows fake iPhone (crowd uproar laughter).

9:44 Jobs attacks Smart Devices. Bashes Treo, E62, Windows Mobile.

9:45 Revolutionary UI.

9:46 Jobs doesn’t like keyboards… buttons must change.

9:47 Giant screen. No stylus. “Who wants a stylus?”, Multi-Touch uses fingers. Far more accurate. Ignores accidental touches. Patented.

9:48 “Software on mobile phones is like baby software”. iPhone runs OS X.

9:51 Learning from iPod. Syncs with your Mac… all your user data. Sync through iTunes.

9:52 One button on front. Home button. Thinnest smartphone at 11.6 mm. 3.5 inch display at 160 ppi. 2 megapixel camera. 3.5 mm headset jack. SIM card slot, sleep button. Speaker, microphone, iPod connector.

9:54 Proximity sensor. Automatically answers call when placed to your head, shuts off display. Ambient light sensor. Accelerometer, tells when you go portrait or landscape.

9:55 Unlock screen by dragging finger across it when waking up. Only responds to human hands. Cingular network.

9:57 Two signal bars at top… cell along with Airport Wi-Fi icon.

9:58 All apps respond to scrolling with flick of hand. iTunes album flip view with tapping to see songs in album. Quartz 2D animation.

9:59 Plays TV shows in full widescreen. Tap to control aspect ratio with widescreen films.

10:02 “Reinvent the phone… killer app is making calls.”

10:03 Sync iPhone with PC or Mac. Visual voicemail… on-screen voicemail controls. GSM + EDGE. WiFi and Bluetooth 2.0

10:05 On-screen controls mirror Mac… right down to volume controls. Steve is calling Jony Ive. Phil Schiller is butting in. Tap control call waiting and three-way calling so a human can use it.

10:08 Tap control favorites for secondary address book of favorite phone numbers.

10:09 Our sources on-the-ground at Apple Store S.F. have confirmed it is not in-stock.

10:10 Visual voicemail works like Apple Mail, complete with blue-dot for new voicemails.

10:11 Full SMS conferencing/chat with iChat effects. On-screen QWERTY keyboard with “faster than plastic keyboard” typing and error correction.. Steve couldn’t type very fast on it though…

10:12 Pinch screen to zoom in and out of photos.

10:14 Internet communications. Full HTML email with IMAP and POP3. Safari built-in (full HTML). Google Maps built-in. Dashboard widgets, iPhone automatically switches between EDGE and WiFi.
10:18 Not just IMAP, P-IMAP (Push IMAP). Apple inked deal with Yahoo to offer every iPhone user free push IMAP email.

10:19 The non-smartphone crowd is wooing over the ability to tap-dial phone numbers. It really shows how few use smart devices…

10:21 Text entry has same Windows Mobile-style auto-complete hovering over words.

10:22 Pinch to zoom in on web pages. Or double-tap to zoom with default sizes.

10:23 Tabbed browsing by minimizing browser windows Taps do not take up screen space. Can zoom while page is loading.

10:25 Widgets identical to Mac counterparts. Apple up 2.85%.

10:26 Google Maps re-formatted for iPhone with iPhone UI. Jobs makes a prank call to Starbucks.

10:30 Google search built-in. Dr. Eric Schmidt takes stage. Plugs open protocols (silent jab at BREW).

10:34 Yahoo Co-founder Jerry Yang takes stage. Commits Yahoo Go 2.0 and OneSearch for iPhone.

10:37 Demo: Music fades out with incoming call. Steve sends Phil a photo via email while in-call. Loads while in-call. Ends call, music resumes.

10:42 Accessories for iPhone. Stereo headphones (again, 3.5mm) but includes microphone and switch for answer/disconnect call. Bluetooth headset, in-ear no round band. Auto-sleeps and auto-pairs.

10:43 5 Hour battery life with talk time and video, 16 hours audio playback.

10:44 200+ new patents in iPhone. “And we intend to protect them.” “Your life in your pocket” “The ultimate digital device. Price? 4 GB for $499 with 2-year contract. 8 GB for $599 with 2-year contract. Available in June. Europe by Q4, Asia in ’08. FCC approval blamed for delay.

10:47 Partnered with Cingular, exclusive partnership in U.S.

10:48 Stan Sigman (Cingular CEO) takes stage. Inked deal with Apple not even seeing device “it has truly exceeded my expectations”. Cingular is now AT&T.

10:51 Stan pulled back at the last second, saying Cingular is “now a part of the AT&T family”. No re-branding commitment (though Cingular splat now stands side-by-side with AT&T globe). Apple deal is clearly not MVNO.

10:55 Keynote froze… Steve is sharing the Woz TV Jammer story.

10:57 Apple’s goal is for 1 Million units (1% market share) by ’08.

10:58 Apple Computer Inc becomes Apple Inc.

11:01 John Mayer performs live.

11:09 That’s the show, feel free to post comments below. We’re on our way to the show floor to continue to coverage.