KDDI Mobile Gives Japanese Users More Options

KDDI Mobile has announced a new delivery service. Customers who use KDDI in Japan can order a KDDI Mobile phone for use in the United States, and have it delivered before that travel to the United States. The Sprint-based MVNO has received large amounts of criticism for lacking any offerings of KDDI’s au by CDMA lineup of ultra-high end phones. The au-lineup is so powerful, that phones sold circa 2003 and 2004 are only recently appearing in the United States.

KDDI Mobile hopes to breathe new life into its MVNO with easier access, newer phones…

This comes as KDDI Mobile makes movements to become a more respectable MVNO in the United States. The Japanese-catering provider launched with a skeleton set of mostly-outdated Sprint CDMA devices. Now, KDDI Mobile has announced the Sanyo SCP-6600 Katana, and promises a version of it that can type in Japanese later this summer.

KDDI Mobile