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4 responses to “inPulse Smartwatch for BlackBerry Up for Pre-Order, Ships Next February”

  1. Jake

    why would someone want to send data from the handset to the watch when you have the handset. got to be the worst idea I have heard yet!

  2. SaltyDawg

    LOL, I was just thinking how cool that would be. Someone needs to invent a Windows Mobile version so I can buy it.

  3. jr

    jake you are so lame for that , this is the best idea ever


    TOP 3 reasons to have:

    1.) So you don’t have to pull out your phone everytime you get an email, or text.
    2.) So you can see who’s calling you without pulling out your phone when its on vibrate and you are in a meeting
    3.) so you can be the first to have it.