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96 responses to “Huawei M750 for MetroPCS Launching This Week (Updated)”

  1. ell

    how do u do call waitin n a 3 way call…thz!

  2. Blahblah

    Is there a way where you can setup the phone to vibrate when getting texts and rings when you get a call?

  3. bb


  4. andrea

    So No YOUTUBE??????????/ i want to have YOUTUBE PLSSSS

  5. jeremiah

    i have the protection cover how do u get all the bubbles out

  6. ell

    ive asked b4 but still tryin how 2 figure out how 2 do the 3 way callin n how 2 answer a call n put the other person on hold while not hangin up on the 1st party..also @ jeremiah maybe runnin a credit cards edge on the plastic will take out the wrked on my bumper sticker…gd luck!

  7. Jeni

    I have a Huawei m750 and the touchscreen just quit in it last night. I have no insurance on the phone so I know that I am really screwed, AND to top it I just threw the manual to the phone away two days ago…karma, huh? ANY WAYS…does anyone have a clue how to fix the touchscreen so it works again?

  8. dan

    i bought 2 of the phones and have no problem at all,granted it does not have video but that was a feature we could live for the speaker phone ,it does have one but it is not explained in the manual.
    JENI,these phones come with a one year warranty unless you have had it longer then that and i don’t think you for the screen protector’s,the one’s we bought were made of a very hard plastic and fit quite well with no bubbles.i am sure they had problems with the early models but i must say i am very impressed with the phone.

  9. Jon

    Anyone know what OS this is running? If we know what OS this runs we can possible find better software for it. It would be nice if this phone could be flashed to have google android! That would make this a great phone!!

  10. deanr

    Jon, if you find out let me know as well. as the only thing this thing really needs is video. Flashing android would be the beez kneez.

  11. Jon

    I know! I really don’t understand why they would release this nice phone with such a limited OS. If android is out there why would you not use it, I mean it’s been past beta for a long time and I’m sure they could have gotten it on there, but who knows the logic behind these guys. They sit at their board meetings and look at each other and say “Yea we’ll release a iphone style phone for metropcs for $200, but you know what we’ll limit the OS so they can’t install anything making the phone obsolete withing a few months.” The worst part is there is nowhere on the web or in the manuals where it says what OS it runs! At least if we knew that we could figure something out and develop some apps for it.

  12. mislenita

    Can someone tell me how to download the software driver so I can use the usb port on my PC. Thank you

  13. BCG

    @deanr : The phone supports up to a 4gb card. it wont do 8 ( that sucks =-( ) also the navigation does have text style turn by turn directions. just go to plan a trip, and do a gps starting location, fill in your destination, and set it to dashboard. after you start the nav, press the right direction on the circle selectorand it shows the arrow of the turn, the distance untill you have to make that turn, the road you should be on before you make the turn and also tells you the delay you might incounter becuase of traffic and its all in text =-) although the only drawback is that when the nav is telling you the directions and your having to turn on a S.R. ( state road ) the nav says to turn such and such way on ” senior ” lol thought that was pretty funny… also after a few days of playing with the touch screen calibration wizard, i finally got it to where i dont need the stylus so i can just use my fingers on the midget sized keyboard. really do wish the metro man would have told me there was no html browser and no videos/recorder/youtube. bought the phone and have to wait to get a new one now lol. my ol lady got samsung’s version of the B.B. and its very nice. not a touch screen thought but the number of apps greatly outnumbers the huawei 750s apps that you can download for free =-( if your reading this metropcs or huawei, please add more apps for the m750, prefferably skyfire 1.0 and Nimbuzz. or make the next metro touchscreen have a windows platform!!!!!

  14. denise

    if you reall think abt it….diz phone sux real bad. my sister has a normal phone n she got better thing on her phone, dan i got on my touch…like WTF!!! it made me wanna go bac n get dat no touch screen phone.

  15. Rtoe

    If you are in desperate need of a touch screen phone then get this phone. I strongly advise you to sve up your money and get the samsung finesse. At least thy can watch YouTube videos. My brother just got this phone and inwas messing aroud with it. First it doesn’t even feel like a phone. It feels plastic. Second sending text messages is confusing. I’m sure once you get used to it then you might enjoy it. Last there is nothi special about this phone beside a touh screen. I’ve seen better non touh screen phones than this. If your going to buy a touch screen dot be cheap. Save up and at least buy te finesse. At least that can do more than this phone.

  16. MsMary

    I got this for Christmas.. (I picked it) and after I started using it I was a little bit irritated with it until I came on here and found out how to use the speed dial and the speaker phone.. Other than that I love this phone.. If I want to take videos I will use my camcorder or camera.. If I want to do heavy internet surfing I will use my laptop.. otherwise I can take photos do basic web and texting.. I love this phone!!! Oh and how about that blue background that it comes with.. and the ringer that sounds like the waves and seagulls?? Hmm.. pretty good for stock/standard stuff!!! :o)) I’m happy.. and thanks to everyone on here that gives helpful advise and information.. you actually just made my day!!!

  17. Snoopy 109

    I bought this phone last week,,, actually is a great Phone…. but …. believe or not i have past days readings blogs on how to connect the danm phone on the computer… I have a micro SD but the phone can’t read it , so i guess that is the why of the connection Problem… (or May be its not )

    And I Also wanna know if everbody can dowload ringtones and walllpaper… from other websites in the phone , because mine only allows the dowloads from the Metro PC web home page in the Phone (and they are not free)
    My friends have differents metropc’s Phones and the they do any type of ringtones and wallpaers DOWLAODs without complications.. (actually the same DOWLOADS the WUAWEI M750 CAN NOT DO) easly

    I experimenting those Problems right now Please help:
    1- the Phone can not read the Micro SD
    2- Connection With the Computer Is Imposible ( I tired of readind and trying the ways to do so)
    3- The Phone Displaty this message for Every WEB dowlaod: ” Dowlaod Can’t complete” (expect for the metro PC homepage DOWLOADS wich are not free LOL)

  18. jak

    yes, the hw m750 is a seemingly nice phone, mainly because its a touch phone. on the other hand, the phone doesn’t really prove useful right now. there are no games to download, you can not download mp3 music and it has mp3 capabilities. the phone doesn’t do video, and that metroPC website, is nothing nut a boring stupor. there really isn’t any variety for the phone. I think rushing the phone through the market was a big mistake. I’ve only had the phone since this past february of this year and i’m not totaly dissatisfied, nor am i completely satisfied. the phone should hav atleast came along with some kind of software application. that @metro stuff isn’t an interest keeper at all. ” please MetroPCS, get with speed of life already. Your unlimited txt, talk and web plans are beautiful and affordable. now all thats needed are some resourceful apps, games, music and a nice video phone feature and that should either put you on top of the competition or along side the best mobile phones in the mrket.

  19. Niki

    I’m having issues downloading songs onto my phone. My phone didn’t come with a disk. I have windows vista and can’t seem to figure out what to do. Can anyone please help me?!

  20. punch

    Niki u need a micro sd card insert plug usb cable n it will say activate find loc in computer open add music in my files music and pic in my files images thats it

  21. punch

    had an iphone nothing nere it but for 200.00 and 45.00 month what can u as for lol iphone 250.00 150+taxes fees wow

  22. kilo

    haha you went to berkeley and you cant spell screen??? wow…what a shame.

  23. chocolata

    bn yo tambien pienso q no es l gran telefono q c esperaba y sii presenta muchos problemas.
    el usb sololo detecta con la sd insertada, entonces para q l usb.
    la reslucion de la camara es mala ademas de q despues de varias tomas se congela.
    la capacidad de memoria s muy poca lo q ac q con cualqier cosa q guardes ya c ac lento
    l internert solo muestra pedazos de las paginas ysii no , no las alcanza a leer.
    enmi caso lo audifonos no sirven los conecto y no se escuchan.
    en la pagina huawei no ay suficiente informacion.
    el IM asta la fecha no m lo reconoce
    los MMS internacionales no recibe ni envia
    no graba video

    en resumen no estoy satisfecha con el, siento q m an robado mis 250 dolares…. y ahora no c como deshacerme de el sin perder tanto y poder comprarme l samsung,

  24. satora

    can someone tell me how to use the hauwei m750 as a modem for my pc

  25. Bizznatchh(:

    Hey, I Got this Phone In January, And I think This Phone Suckss! It Has The Small Keypad, And You Can’t Turn It Sideways, Which I Am Used to The Rumor. And When I go to Veiw My Pictures It Takes F O R E V E R. This Phone Was Not Worth 200.00$. The Metro I Bought It From Put The Wrong Number In the Voice Mail System, So When I Hit 1 It Dials Someone Else’s Number And They Get Mad And Cuss Me Out. I Have Taken It to Get The Number Changed And It Doesn’t Work. The People Won’t Understand All The Problems, And Let Me Switch It For The Samsung Freeform, Or Some Cheap, Yet Some What Better Phone. The Day I got It The People I Bought It From Talked me Into Buying A Cover ( I Also Hate the Metro PCS Sign) So I bought A Cover, And A Week Later I Looked At My Phone And it Had Scratches All Over The Front Screen! And Another thing About Texting, When you Are Typing It Ticks Me Off When It Types The Letter Next to It. On A Scale From 1-10 I say 3

  26. Olivia

    this phone sucks there isn’t even a warranty on it. wtf.

  27. Bizznatchh(:

    Yeah, The Stupid Warranty Deal, It Says On the Manual That There Is Year Warranty, No Theres Not.

  28. dan

    don’t know where you bought your’s but mine came from metro and has a one year with it.

  29. dan

    well,we bought 3 of them and had to take one back after 4 months and had no problems at all.i don’t know what problems you’re having but the minor problems we had was mostly because of us not being use to the phone.other then that,we like the phones.could they be better?yeh,could have a better camera,could have voice dialing but it does not and i’ll live with it.for $159.00 we got what we paid for.good luck

  30. Pamela

    Never Again. ive had this phone for uhm….6 months. worst phone ever…really. it is truly crap. im sorry metro. Motorolas have always been the best.

  31. PatrickLA

    This phone has gone to crap in the 7 months I have had it! It is completely out of alignment and needs calibration constantly! Some of the letters don’t even work anymore! I have to press the letter below the one I want! And letters are too small and you have to constantly correct text! The camera is nice but I can’t DL the pics to my PC! Save your 199.00 and find a better phone! Like Pamela above, I feel I was ripped off! Buy a phone you like on Ebay and have Metro UNLOCK it (they will if you use thier service).

  32. PatrickLA

    There is a 1 year warranty and Metro offerred to get me a new phone and it cost me 10.00 S/H. But I seriously DO NOT want to use this phone anymore. I think I will sell it on Ebay for 100.00 as soon as I get it! Invest money in a PROVEN phone of qaulity and save yourself the headaches this phone will give you over the next year until you want to smash it against the wall!

  33. stephan

    how do I get .jar and .tar files to work on my HUAWEI M750?

  34. stephan

    it`s a **** phone because i can not get it to work with the usb cable and i`ve got some files on my memory card that I can`t access .

  35. danny

    well,i havt to admit i was wrong about this POS phone.we have 4 of them and after a few months 3 of them had the same problems,taking photos is out of the question,then the phone will ring and you can’t answer it and if you do have enough luck to take a photo the color is so bad you can’t tell what it is.went back to metro with the first 3 and was charged $10 a phone to get them replaced.they arrived and after a month the same crap.then the 4th one went bad doing the same as the other 3.took it back to metro,talked to a sales rep about exchanging the phone and getting some kind of credit,after all the pnone was not 6 mos old yet and with the problems with the other 3 again i said the phones are lemons and the rep says”i can give you the pnone # of the MFG and you can call and see if they will do anything for you or you can sell it on ebay and buy a new phone but you have to pay full price,we do not give refunds after 30 days.some customer service.i will not sell the phones to some one else and i will buy new phones.i have been with metro since the day they came to florida and never had a problem but this lemon
    needs to be addressed after all the sad stories i’ve been reading.i’ll contact the state attorney general and see if something can be done,if not “ALL BUYERS OF THIS PHONE BEWARE”. and one more thing,when i called customer service and asked to talk to a super,i was told to leave my # and some one would get back to me,i forgot to ask when or what year,it’s been over a month.more, real good customer service!

  36. Ilovephones

    You can’t expect to get a good quality phone from a ghetto company. I’m sure they know that there stuff is cheap and breaks easily. Thats why they don’t have refunds or trades. They wan. You to spend money on buying new phones at full price. Honestly just invest in a iphone or dried. Yes it is more expensive but it’s worth it

  37. sweets

    i should have gotton software with my phone. i think it’s a rip off that they have u to buy the phone and rip u off and not give u software that’s all wrong…hope ur happy metro

  38. crystal islas

    the huawei is now 129 how much will it be plus tax

  39. anonymous but my name is joe jack billy bob

    this phones sucks so bad, i got it yesterday, you gotta push it to scroll, and you cant just flick your fingers to scroll down, you gotta push the arrows on the screen, if i wasnt 13, still livin wit my parentz i would break this phone, cuz when you think (oh metro’s made a bad phone,boo hoo, they wont do it again), they go putting this up 4 sale, the kyocera domino(look it up), should cost more than this, other than 30 dollars, this phone should be 25 cents instead of $129. stupid metro pc shitt-ing in the toilet.

  40. anonymous but my name is joe jack billy bob

    bullshit _ ing

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    anonymous but my name is joe jack billy bob, whatz wrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrong with you.

  42. mercedes

    do i have to have a cd-rom to set up a metro pcs huawei phone to my computer?

  43. MS.HODGE


  44. sierra

    I got the phone at the beginning of this month for my birthday. And I complain to much it was a gift. but since i have gotten it has had it’s problems like my stylus would not stay in the phone it kept falling out, and when I got my SD card it was holding all my picture and music then once i put more music and pictures off my sisters computer and her phone some of my pictures and music wasnt showing up cause I over two hundred songs and a bunch of pictures on my card. Well I can only view like a hundred songs it dont give me all the artist that I have on there or all the songs from the artist that i do have, and wit my picture it will say that they are all there but it will not open some of them it says file cannot open and it has the names of the picture but where the picture usally shows up it has a question mark on it. I just dont get it cause when I put my card in the computer it shows all my pictures that I have down loaded from metro web pictures I took and were sent to me are all there and my music is all there too but n the phone they are not all there and I cant get it figured out how to hook it up to my pc and everybody who has tried to explain it they just make since to me so if sombody has the answer can u please help but be very clear so I can understand on how to do the steps thank you but other than that the phone is not that bad I just dont like the touch screen phones or really anything touch screen but other than that its a good phone

  45. amber

    how do i save picture from my texts?

  46. amber

    how do i save pics from texts?????????????